A New Node

Generative art has been something that piqued my interest for quite some time. The idea of combining the two biggest pieces of my life, music and data analytics, is very exciting. Even though I consistently feel like I take on too many things, I decided to take on the new hobby as another creative outlet while also improving my software development skills.

I am using¬† py.processing.org for the platform. Processing provides the ability to write python scripts which can interact with the IDE and associated components and generate and visualize “drawings”.

Recently I have been into vaporwave aesthetics. I imagine for the near future I will leverage those color palates and create harsher types of work. This is probably also a good way to focus more on the basics rather than the details, which would be crucial in less drastic pieces.

So with all that said. Here is my first attempt at generative art:


nikola’s well