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Description This code is a utility to pull out random color palettes. This function is planned to be used in future projects and is the program is the base for that. Disclosure Color palettes were pulled from and are under an MIT license. Challenges Py.Processing only has a limited way of importing data into a program. […]


Lesson Learned It’s funny, though soul crushing, when you make a mistake that you haven’t made in years. While this may not be directly related to the piece, it does involve the situation. I forgot to save….   At the moment I don’t have the code to recreate this piece, only the early, seemingly unrelated, […]

nikola’s well

A New Node Generative art has been something that piqued my interest for quite some time. The idea of combining the two biggest pieces of my life, music and data analytics, is very exciting. Even though I consistently feel like I take on too many things, I decided to take on the new hobby as […]