56 – FileList Mask

There is a feature when doing a for each loop called FileList. It’s a way to get a list of files in a directory that matches a wildcard path. Since this is a parameter of the for each statement and not a function, there is not a lot of information on it. If you have kept […]

57 – Services Restart

After working with Qlik for a long time, you’ll soon find out that restarting the services can solve a lot of unexpected behaviors and is a good starting point for environment bugs. If you’re like me it can take a while to remember the order they should be done in. So here is the list […]

58 – FieldValueList

This is a very neat option for loops. If you need to loop through a list of field values you can use the FieldValueList mask. This could replace using the combination of NoOfRows and Peek. That is assuming you only need to loop through the distinct list of values. Script Result Notice the difference how the two options handle the […]

Exporting Data from Qlik to Database

Description This covers how to use Qlik to insert data from a Qlik table into a SQL database using script generation. This is done for all tables within a Qlik model where the Qlik and Database table and field names are the same.  *There is no data type validation/manipulation aside from making blanks NULLs. Introduction Before […]

59 – Default Apps

Most of us our familiar with the License Monitor and Operations Monitor dashboards.These two logging apps are automatically installed and placed in the ‘Monitoring apps’ stream. Did you know that these are only a couple of dashboards that come with the Qlik Sense Enterprise installation? If you take a look at the following folder location, […]

60 – Subset Ratio Tip

One quick tip about data modeling. If you find things in your model are not associating right, take a look at your key fields. If you add up the subset ratio percentages of a key in each tables that it is in and it equals 100%, this means there are no matching values. So even […]

61 – Certificates

To be honest, when I first started out I thought certificates were a very overwhelming thing and mostly because I never messed with them. So if you are in the same boat, fear not. They are not that difficult. I am not going to go into depth of what they are since this is supposed […]

62 – While Conditions

The While clause is an extremely powerful feature that you probably won’t use frequently, but when you do it’s a god-send. Note that this is a part of the Do..Loop scripting convention. There is not a specific help page on the keyword. Using While allows you to loop on a record within a load statement. […]

63 – Concatenated Keys

What do you do when you need to associate multiple fields between two tables? Qlik creates a synthetic key and everyone says that’s bad! First it’s good to understand what a synthetic key is. In reality it is basically just a concatenated key generated by Qlik’s Associative Engine. The reason it’s taboo is because it’s […]

64 – Functional Date Formatting

I’ve spent a lot of time over the years troubleshooting issues that resulted in it being because of the date format. After a while I started to make a habit of always using dates in a numerical format when used for conditions, whether it be in Set Analysis or a Where clause. Here are a […]