Custom Qlik Sense Branding

Description If you or a client would like to replace the Qlik Sense logos to have a custom branding, you can do so by following the examples below. Disclaimer These changes are not supported by Qlik. Most of these changes will need to be reapplied after upgrades, which overwrite/replace standard files. Make a back up […]

LET’s Just Use One

There is a lot material on the community on explaining the difference between the functions SET and LET. The gist of it is: SET stores the variable with the expression string and LET will evaluate the expression first. I tend to think of them as: SET the value in place. LET‘s evaluate.   But in […]

Custom Property Security Rule Governance

Here is how you can utilize Qlik Sense’s custom properties to govern access to data connections, streams, extensions, and/or content libraries at a group level. First create a custom property: Next, add custom property to your resource.   Then add the appropriate custom properties to your users.   Lastly create a security rule: ((user.@Group=resource.@Group))   […]

Data Model To QVD

This script is used to export a data model to QVDs. This has been especially common since Binary Load, while available, is not supported in Qlik Sense. So for any multi-tiered app design I will have the data model application export the QVDs and have the front end app consume those through optimized loads. // […]


What is a queue? In programming terms it is very similar to every day life terms. When you stand in line waiting to order a coffee at the cafe, you are standing in a queue. It’s a systematic way of delivering in an order. The person that got in line in front of you, get’s […]

Group By ApplyMap

Description This test is to determine whether or not you can do an aggregation/group by on a field using an ApplyMap in a single step. I.e. Not a second load. Result You can Raw: Load * Inline [ fieldA, fieldB one, A two, A three, B ]; num_map: Mapping Load * Inline [ input, output […]

Qlik Variable Scope

Purpose This document is used to track the limits of Qlik’s variable scope within the script as well as changes made on the front end. Tests Subroutines Observations: Variables created before a subroutine can be changed within the subroutine. Variables created before or inside a sub routine stay within the model. Parameter variables are used […]

QIB Install Notes

Purpose The purpose of this documentation is supposed to be supplemental to the documentation provided by Qlik. Their documentation is good aside for two particular components: Certificates Troubleshooting My goal is to elaborate on some real life scenarios and issues which are not touched on within the standard install docs. This also means that there […]

QABDI Install Notes

Description This document is meant to cover some of the configuration of the Qlik Associative Big Data Index (QABDI)  install. This is not meant to replace the installation document provided, this is purely supplemental. Lab Environment For my local install I used the following setup: Local Machine: MacOs VM Software: Parallels VM OS: Ubuntu 18.04 […]

Qlik Evaluation Plan

When building dashboards it is important to understand the order of operations when an expression gets executed. This will help you performance tune and help you identify which options are possible, versus needing an alternate solution. Execution Order Dollar Sign Expansion Set Analysis Expression Scenario Data: Region Year Sales North 2019 100 North 2018 75 […]