Like most other programming languages, it is important to decide and follow some programming standards. One key standard is how to name things. Now I’m not here to say that you should name things the way I do, that isn’t the point. What is important is though, is however you do name things, keep it consistent.

As an example here are a few ways I name things:

Regular Varible‘v’ PrefixvStartDate
Expression Variable‘x’ PrefixxNetSales
Set Analysis Variable‘set’ PrefixsetWTD
Field NamePascalCaseOrderAmount
Key Field‘%’ Prefix%Product
Flag Field‘_flag’ SuffixYTD_flag

As a consultant, I interact with a lot of other people’s apps. In these scenarios, I will take on their way of doing things to keep the app consistent. I do this so that I am not merging two different styles. So keep in mind that consistency is the key, and that consistency may require using different standards.